Add business management experience into your CV!



Global Management Challenge is the world’s biggest strategic business management competition. Every year more than 30,000 managers, entrepreneurs, specialists and students from more than 30 countries participate in the competitions. Once a year the best teams meet in the international final. GMC is a significant part of the study programme in many universities all over the world and a considerable addition to your CV.




How does the competition work?

Global Management Challenge is based on online business simulation. Participation in the simulation gives you a chance:

  • to manage a company, which operates on international markets, in a realistic environment;
  • to experiment and experience how your team’s management decisions influence the company’s performance;
  • to get a sense of how different management areas in a company co-operate;
  • to develop skills necessary for decision making and teamwork . 

How to participate?

  • The competition takes place in two stages. The first one is a training version for students and the second one is the Global Management Challenge Estonia main round where the best student teams and company teams challenge each other. The winner of the main round will go to the international final. The costs will be covered by Global Management Challenge Baltics.
  • In order to add a business management experience in your CV, you only have to gather a 3-5-member team and enter the competition. The best teams will automatically get a chance to participate in the main competition which starts in February 2024. The winning team will go to the international final (Spring 2024).

The deadline for registration is 15.02.2024. The number of teams is limited!

The whole competition takes place online and in English.

Check the competition calendar and register your team here:

Global Management Challenge Estonia

Global Management Challenge Latvia

Global Management Challenge Lithuania